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Once you say your prayers, don't worry about them. If you worry about them, they'll just fade away.'"
Dawson (No Horse), LAKOTA

As we walk the path that is before us, one of the things that we always have to keep in mind is how much the Creator loves us. No matter what we have done or what we have not done, he loves us and is willing to help us. When we approach him in the right way with a good heart he is listening. We need to remember that the Grandfathers are also always listening, willing and able to help us with our struggles. It doe not matter how small or how large what we are facing is, they are there ready to help.

If Creator and the Grandfathers are listening, when we pray with respect, we need to trust them to do what we ask of them. Not pray and then keep worrying about what we prayed about. Pray and trust them. Leave it up to them to do what is best for us. Prayers are answered every time. Maybe not on our timetable or the answer, we expected but they are answered.

So, if you give something to the Creator do not take it away from him again by worrying. Leave it with him and let him and the Grandfathers work on it. If you are not willing to give it to them and not worry about it then why ask for help. It would be like me asking you to show me how to bake a cake and not allowing you in the kitchen because I wasn’t sure how the cake would turn out.

Remember the teachings of our Grandfathers and when you pray trust that Creator and the Grandfathers will take care of what you prayed about.