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Three men were driving across the rez flying the stars and bars off their antenna. The tribal police pulled them over. He was the biggest Indian they had ever seen. He walked up to the drivers side looked at the driver then hit him in the jaw a blow stronger than a mules kick. "What did you do that for, Chief?" the driver asked.

"You know when an officer pulls you over you should have your license and insurance papers ready," said the Officer.

He then walked over to the passenger window and hits that guy even harder.

"The cop said, "You know I want to check your I.D. too."

After checking his I.D. the cop then handed it back to the passenger.

Suddenly he reached into the truck and hits the guy in the middle in his mouth knocking out his front teeth. "What was that for?" said the guy in the middle.

"That was for WISHING," said the cop.

"What you talking about?" said the man.

"Well if I hadn't hit you just now you would have gone down the road saying to your friends, 'I WISH THAT BIG INDIAN HAD TRIED THAT WITH ME!'"