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The Visitor

Wahela Bluejay Mar 6, 2007

There was a visitor in the meadow this morning waiting patiently for me. At first glance, this new guest seemed inviting as they were dressed in such finery and appealed to all my senses in such perfectly crafted ways. I approached without hesitation and began to walk beside this guest without doubting in the least what may be their purpose. The eyes were lowered which I took for being shy and submissive to the beauty in Creation surrounding us there. The head was covered in a beautiful draping cloth that I assumed was humility and reverence for being in this beautiful place of prayer. I walked in peace beside this guest because they seemed so very familiar to me. This connection between us felt like two very old friends who knew each other and really did not need shared words between them to truly KNOW one another.

Beneath this blue sky, singing birds and whispering winds, we shared this time beside each other. I, being the very trusting soul that I am, did not doubt or question this companionship. Quite the contrary, I felt as if this friend could hear my thoughts and share theirs too, on all the events of late.

I began telling this guest about my concerns for the races of people across Mother Earth not dealing with each other in love and understanding, let alone with empathy

I spoke of the horrors of war, greed and misuse of power. I pleaded for an end to the destruction of entire cultures being played out before us all in some macabre best selling movie fashion.

I cried about the absolute waste of Earth's resources and treasures that are determining the fate for the humans and creatures that depend on the stability of the Earth to provide for us all.

I whispered my deepest longing for true peace and compassion between the warring religious factions.

I turned to gaze into my companions eyes...looking for understanding of my feelings and thoughts expressed between the two of us. I wanted confirmation from another being that they too, shared these heart-felt concerns for the future. I wanted the acceptance that comes from two friends sharing their inner most concerns.

The guest slowly reached up for the lovely veiling of cloth wrapped so pleasingly about their head and brought it down with a vicious snapping, then hurled it upon the ground. In their eyes, I saw their true passion, but not the kind I had initially perceived. Not in any way, was this companion what I had thought they were upon meeting them in the pleasing place of peace I had entered. In total shock and amazement I stood before this being and wondered what their true intention was.

" I am that which speaks in the quietest moments when you approach your Creator and you feel unworthy to speak or trust that your words are heard."

" I am that which stops you from taking that opportunity to reach out and take action upon those acts made upon others that brings harm and hatred."

" I am that which haunts your dreams at night, that which leaves you with trauma from unkind words or actions placed in your daily path amongst others of human kind."

" I am that which stops ordinary humanity from becoming the greatest force for good and uniting peace within all the nations, races and religions."

" I am the beginning and end for perpetual wars between the Nations. I am that which divides the leaders from their people. I am that which speaks truths into the ears of those who trust me to be their companion, only to later reveal my deception."

" I am all of these things and all that you can ever allow me to be. Walk with me; accept me as you have so willingly done in our past associations together during your life. You know me well, as I know all of you."

" My name is FEAR."

I turned away, tears streaming down my face, the disappointment in myself growing ever deeper. Fear. Yes, I know you, my ever-present companion in life. I know you all too well. I began to walk away from my "companion" and as I turned my face to the bright sunshine, I heard the Grandmothers' words to me again in reminding me of her story she shared one day such as this one.

"See how the little sparrow will land next to the great Hawk. Sparrow will sit very near the Hawk at rest upon the same tree branch. Sparrow will learn of her danger and this threat will become a friend to her. She will see her danger in a new way...understanding it, learning from it and knowing her danger as a companion in the sky of life. Remember this. To KNOW your danger, you must sit carefully next to it long enough to know it well, so that the next time you are near the danger you will know what your actions must be."

I thank the Grandmothers and Grandfathers for their teachings. They sustain us and if we walk with their words close to our hearts, we will walk strong.

Fear...... how cleverly disguised in beautiful cloaking. comfortable it has become to us because it feels like a well-known friend.

Fear....left behind in the meadow to keep itself company this day, for there is no place for it all that we face and in all that we do for each other.... it has no place with us as we have known it before. We must know it in a new way and walk forward in strength and wisdom.

Wahela Bluejay 2007