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Two Spirits By Singing Dove

Long ago a spirit came to earth he was faced with a long life and a big task. After many moons the Great Mystery knew it was such a awesome task to carry out that the 1st spirit would need help. The Great Mystery then sent another very, very old spirit to help.

She was the sweetest kindest spirit. Great Mystery knew that the big strong spirit would not be able to resist her. The two spirits went on about there task on earth, having visions of one another early on so they would recognize one another and even crossing paths on Mother Earth in their youth.

Signs are not always as clear to us in our youth and each spirit walked on. Later the Great Mystery intervened again using modern man made words to bring the two spirits together.

Great Mystery knew alone these spirits would do great things on Mother Earth but together they would do AWSOME things. To Help one another, Help themselves and Help other lost spirits find their way back to the path Great Mystery had set forth for each one of them.

The biggest struggle the spirits on Earth have is staying in the spirit when the doors close and the people walk on. Though these robes of flesh are a gift for us to borrow here on Mother Earth we sometimes get weighed down by them in the physical. In the physical robe alone we can become something we are not meant to be. However, in the spirit we shall all be connected to The Great Creator of Everything that Is, Was or Ever Shall Be.

Finally, the Two Spirits joined in the Name of the Great Mystery and shared many lifetimes of yesterday, today and tomorrow. There hearts were pure and had many gifts together that were not there when they were apart One from the Other. The Great Mystery used them together to gather up his strayed spirits for The Great Mystery knew there was a time for every season.

For you see I was Lost but Now am found Thanks be to Creator and the two spirits he sent and joined and put upon their most awesome path together