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 Teaching Circles

A gathering of men and women to gain awareness, knowledge, and understanding of self and how we are all connected spiritually, energetically to the world around us.

This is an opportunity to learn how to work with Mother Earth and her children (the plant people, animal medicine, and the wisdom of the stones.) in a framework of non-judgmental mutual support. Learn how to use and call on the different medicines carried by plants, animals, and stones.


 We learn ways to look at the choices we have made and how they have been shaped by our experiences and the world around us. Because of learning why we make the choices we do we learn better ways to guide our own journey.  


Our experiences also shape our beliefs, and the Circle helps us examine our experiences and see what we believe about ourselves and our world because of our experiences and not our truth.


The Circle also helps us find our true selves.  The person we are meant to be.  Not the person that the people around us have made us into with their expectations. 

The Circle also helps you find your true purpose in life and helps you embrace your personal medicine.


A place to build community, feel a part of something and fill that empty void inside with the truth that has been forgotten. A place to share your story of how you came to be without judgment of those choices that we have made.


What you can expect to learn in the Circle


Begin the journey to discover your true self.


Learn your purpose in life


Learn and embrace what your medicine is


Learn your Spirit Animal/Totem


Learn who your Spirit Guide is


Strengthen your connection to Mother Earth


Learn how to be still


Learn how to let go of the past


Learn to move forward with your life


Learn how to be the creator of your life


Learn how to look at things in a different way.


And Much More.


There is a Men’s Circle and a Women’s Circle that sit at the same time on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 


If you are interested in joining the Circles, CONTACT US.  Registration for the Circles is in the months of March, August, December.  If seats are available, you may be able to join a current Circle.