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Spiritual Eyes

I am sure that all of you have heard of our Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense is our spiritual eyes. Creator has given us the ability to see or know what is happening spiritually by looking at things through our spiritual eyes. Often times what we see physically is different from what is actually happening. How many of you have had things in your life happen that you thought were bad only later to find out that it was not bad at all? Would it not be nice to be able to see what is really happening instead of what we believe is happening?

By using our Sixth Sense, we can learn to save ourselves a lot of worry and heartache. We also learn how to accept people no matter what is going on in their life by being able to understand things are not as they appear.

How many times have you seen something in the distance and you knew what it was but when you got closer you realized what you thought you saw was not what you actually saw. Our physical eyes will confuse us.

We see with our physical eyes based upon our beliefs. Have you ever heard someone say that a piece of clothing was black when you could see it was navy blue? Why if both of you were looking at the same thing? You believed it was navy blue and they believed it was black. Same item different beliefs. That is why you can have two people look at exactly the same thing and see something completely different. It happens because we see based on our beliefs, different beliefs you see the same thing differently.

How is it that one person can see something and say it is good and another person looks at the same thing and says it is bad. Why, because we see with our physical eyes based on our beliefs.

Our Sixth Sense is a gift from the Creator and we need to learn how to use it. We have to learn to trust it, listen to it and act on what we see and hear even when our mind tells us something different. Life gets much easier when we learn to use this wonderful gift that Creator gave us, our Sixth Sense (spiritual eyes). It is a gift but like any other gift, it has no value until we use it. Just as we learned to walk a little at a time by falling down and getting up again, learning to use our Sixth Sense (our spiritual eyes) takes the same effort. It takes time to learn to trust what we see spiritually.

There are many ways to learn how to really see. We learn to use our spiritual ears by spending time in ceremony or outside sitting or standing on Mother Earth. When we shut down our mind, we can see and listen with our spirit. This wonderful gift helps us stop being confused by our beliefs and what mainstream society has taught us. We can begin to see and hear what Creator has in store for us on this road that we walk. We can begin to make decisions and choices based on what is really best for us not what looks good or appears to be best.

Fools Crow, a Lakota Spiritual leader, when talking about spiritual leaders and healers said,

"They also learned, and perhaps this was the most important thing, how to look at things through the eyes of the Higher Powers."

Take time each day to slow down your mind and listen with your spirit. Learn to use the gift the Creator has given you. Learn to hear and see with your spirit.

“Creator, help me learn to listen with my spirit. Help me understand what you are showing me and telling me. Help me set aside what I believe is happening and learn to look at things as you see them. Help me listen to you and see what is best for my life.”