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Red Road By Singing Dove

The Red Road: Is more then just a term to express Native American Way's. It is a path to the Creator. A way to walk through this life on Mother Earth connected to the highest power. The Red Road is full of all the information needed to travel peacefully and co-exist with all inhabitants of Mother Earth. The Red Road is so much more then a mere Religion. It is my life line, the air that I breathe, the nourishment in which my physical robe feeds, the first thing my brain thinks of with the sunrise and the last thought with the sunset. I thirst for the knowledge of it as a new born babe thirst for its first drink of mother’s milk. This Red Road is my Spirituality. May those in the circle be filled up with the meaning of what the Red Road is to them, cherish the wisdom born of walking down the Red Road, and honor those sent to teach us of the Red Road.