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Redbird (Choctaw)

Once, when time was not quite old enough to be counted, there lived a beautiful Indian maiden. This was a special maiden. She could do all the work that needed to be done to keep her lodge in order and to satisfy her mate. But this maiden did not have what she longed for - her mate. As she sat under the large tree one day, she heard the Greybird.

"Greybird, is it so strange for me to wish to have someone to care for, who will care for me?", asked the maiden. "If it is not so strange, why have I not found that one meant for me?"

The Greybird had no answer for the Indian maiden, but he sat and listened to her because he could hear the lonely in her voice. Every morning for the passing of seven suns, the Greybird came and listened to the maiden's story. As each day passed, the loneliness felt by the maiden began to fill the Greybird.

One day in the Greybird's far travels, he came to a handsome Indian brave. The brave saw the Greybird and called to him. As he began to talk, the Greybird felt the loneliness in his voice that the maiden had shown. Soon the Greybird began to see that these two lonely people had the same wish, to find another who would love and care for them as they would care for their mate.

On the fifth day of listening to the brave, the Greybird became as a bird that is sick. The brave became concerned, for the Greybird had become his friend. As the brave walked toward him, the Greybird began hopping, leading the brave to the lodge of the Indian maiden. Because the brave was wanting to see if the Greybird was all right, he did not notice that he was going from his home. The Greybird saw the Indian maiden sitting outside of her lodge and when he came very close to her (to where the brave would see the Indian maiden) he flew away. The brave saw the Indian maiden and realized that he had wandered far from his home. He went to the Indian maiden to ask where he was.

The Greybird sat in the tree and watched the brave and the maiden. At first the brave was shy and the maiden would not talk, but soon they were talking and laughing like old friends.

Greybird saw this and thought that it was good. He had done as he could and now it was up to the brave and maiden.

As Greybird flew to his home he thought of how Great Spirit had known that someday the two would find each other. Now it was good, thought Greybird, that maiden had someone who would see for her and Brave had someone that would hear for him and that they finally had someone who would care.

The Great Spirit when he saw how the Greybird helped a friend he gave him a great gift. That is why when we look at the Greybird we do not see a Greybird we see a Red Cardinal.