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Pipe Ceremony

In life, there are times of deep sadness, great joy and everything in between. Through the Pipe, we are able to have peace, calm and balance in a world of bumps and chaos.


By sitting with the Pipe or in Ceremony there is harmony created between male (stem) and female (bowl) energies. They become one, joined together as a Sacred Pipe in balance and perfection.


Once the Pipe is filled with our intentions through an offering of tobacco to the seven directions, we light the Pipe bringing forth our connection to Spirit through our breath and the breath of the Pipe (Smoke).


It is a time to be still in a fast paced world, a time to be open, listening and speaking from our hearts.

A time to seek guidance, insight, and gratitude. A way to remember what has been lost, our connection to Spirit, as well as returning to who we truly are, not what the world has made us into.         Ome’