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My Native Heart By Singing Dove

Today was a good day. I awoke from visions that spoke to me about my family and myself. I was recently shown in a vision that I was being healed from some sort of blood cell disorder. I am Ruth Ann Greenwell in this physical world, Singing Dove is my native name and at the Sundance, I heard the spirits call me Woman Cries Many Tears.

I am of the Choctaw and sister to Turtlewoman. I was given the honor of remembering the day I volunteered to come to Mother Earth, and even the way I got here. I am fully aware of where I was before I came and understand that because of where I came from I am under his care and protection. He has lovingly guided me through this earthly life of dysfunction, discord, and detrimental experiences bringing me to this point of time I inhabit now.

I had searched many places here on earth where they claim He who Is resides. Churches of many orders, Religions of many creeds, even the realms of the unspoken but still I was left empty longing for his connection, longing for the warmth of the light. Calling out blindly to him to show his self, to speak to me.

Confusion is all that answered. Finally, I spoke to him with the childlike faithful spirit he breathed into me, to lead me and I will follow, in his time not my own. That is when Turtlewoman I did meet. Shortly after Firebear & Turtlewoman along with Care Bear allowed me to come into their home.

I spent much time with them speaking of where I had been, how far I had come and where I had ended up. They spent much time with me, in ceremonies of healing, and teaching, until soon I was finally able to quiet my mind, close off the outside distractions of a chaotic world and listen to the whispers of the wind in four different directions.

I laid upon and felt Mother Earth wrap me in her arms again and hold me as if I were the last child on her. I felt my Old Gahme's spirit rock me in her arms as my Grandma and Grandpa spoke "What took you so Long? We’ve been waiting for you!"

My Spirit Dove of Light fluttered over my heart. The Light I came from was once again connected to The Great Mystery, The Great I AM, and Creator of everything that is, was or ever shall be. I listened to my teacher and practiced his truths, and with every ounce of my being try to walk the Red Road because on this path I need not look any further I am home. He shows me daily if I am of good heart and genuinely faithful while trying to do my best to help myself and help others in need, all that I need will be. The mind that resides in this physical robe I carry around may come across as small and childlike for very good reasons unknown to those at bay. (Adults are not as trusting as little children. All children need in order to feel secure is a loving look and gentle touch from someone who cares. Complete intellectual understanding is not one of their requirements. We should not have to understand all the mysteries of the universe; it can be enough to know that Creator loves us and provides our every need.)

A child has a humble and sincere heart the Little People are childlike. My spirit is strong on this Red Road and I follow my native heart.

Someone close to me said today I feel different less then some others, out of place, because we are not really native blood. I say now faithfulness is more important then heritage. I am SingingDove of the Choctaw My spirit soars once again free to touch the light and back again AHO