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Beautiful Princess

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. One day when she was out hunting, one of her favorite activities, she spied a lovely pond. Stopping to rest in this beautiful spot, she was soon hailed by one of the pond's denizens. A large frog jumped onto her lap and said, "Lovely lady, a cruel sorcerer put a spell on me. I'm really that handsome prince from the castle next door."

Now our princess remembered that a good looking prince from next door had disappeared not too long ago, so she listened with rapt attention as the frog continued.

"If a maiden but kisses me the spell will be removed and I'll return to what I once was, a handsome prince. All you have to do is kiss me and you can have a life of ease. My mother will move in with us and take care of the kitchen and all of the cooking. She may even babysit for our children occasionally. I'll do all of the hunting and fishing and you can darn my socks and do all of our laundry as well as cleaning the castle in your spare time so you won't be bored."

That evening over a supper of large frog legs covered in a delectable cream sauce (our princess also loved to try out new recipes), the princess thought..."I don't think so!"