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A Better Idea

A long time ago, there was an old Indian trapper. He always got more and better furs than anyone and his wife had beautiful skins whenever she wanted them. No one knew his secret though. At a ripe old age, the old man decided he would trap no more. He was tired and wished to rest instead of trap.

So, a young man of the tribe, thinking he would become the best trapper now, went to the man and paid him 4 horses for the secrets to being such a successful, respected fur taker.

The old man built a fire in his lodge and sat for many hours teaching the young man what to do. He said, “You must respect the animals you wish to take. You must thank the animals whose fur you use. You will have to learn the habits of each one, how they live, where they eat, when they bear their young. You must become the animal.”

After listening many hours, the young man thanked the elder and set about readying his gear for the trapping season which was fast approaching. Pretty soon, he set off into the woods and mountains to become the best trapper ever.

Springtime came and one day the young man came dragging not much more than a long face back into the village. He had few furs, he was hungry, tired and very disappointed.

The old man saw him coming and couldn’t believe his eyes. His methods had ALWAYS worked! He approached the young man and said, “Ho friend, what has happened that you have so few furs?”

“The trapping was terrible,” said the young one. “I found no animals. I have only a few furs.”

“Didn’t you do what I had told you?” exclaimed the old man.

“No,” the young trapper said disgustedly. “I had a better idea.”