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A little about Golden Hawk

I found Golden Hawk the Flute Maker while looking at flutes on eBay. I was pleased what he had to say about the pipe in one of his listings and asked his permission to post it on the website. He graciously said yes. To say thank you I have posted a little bit about him here on the sight and placed a link to his flutes at the bottom of the page. I have not had the honor of playing one of his flutes yet but hope to do so soon.

This is the information he had posted on his listings.

Golden Hawk, who learned from how to make flutes from his Grandfather many years ago, has been making flutes for awhile. His wife has helped on the New 2008 Flutes.

All he has is a little shop that he works in nothing fancy at all. Golden Hawk has some health problems that started back in November of 2006 so he gets out to the shop when he can. He is disabled and this is how he is making it. His wife is unable to work and leave him alone since she has to be there taking care of him.

Thank you to everyone for all their prayers they have sent his way. They take it one day at a time.

They want everyone that wants a flute to have one at a decent price.

Here is what Golden Hawk says about his flutes.

“All of my flutes are made one at a time with all the care I can put in them. This is all I do now since my health has gone south. If you have any kinds of problems, please let me know.

All of my people come from the mountains in North Carolina we are Native Cherokee and Creek. We live everyday by using things that was taught by our grandparents. All of my flutes will come to you blessed. I am one to believe that trying to stick to the old ways is good. This is the only thing that will keep our people going and the tradition alive.. As long as you believe it will happen it will.

So let you spirit guide you it will never let you down and allow peace to come to your heart

I really don’t like to give a lot of blow up about who I or my family are or what we are all about. We are simple people with simple dreams. And our biggest dream is to keep the native people alive and keep them in your hearts and minds. One of the ways is through music and prayer.

We all need guidance no matter how much money you have or what you own. It has got to come from the heart.

Keep your eyes open for my new CD. It will also be listed on eBay. We play all traditional music with just pure flute sounds made right here in my small shop.

So keep your eyes to the sun and your heart in your feet. Bless everyone. Thanks”

Here is the link to his eBay store